Which do I like more?  The fact that he was dumb/ballsy enough to dunk the ball for the win? Or the fact that his name is Majok Majok?

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Commemorating Kenneth Faried’s puke game. The Manimal went beyond his usual brand of explosive in an entertaining victory over the Spurs. A couple notes from the game:

1. Denver broadcasters served up the delightful live action euphemism “got rid of some extra food” to describe Faried’s condition.

2. They then smoothly segued into a KFC-sponsored highlight called “Bucket of the Night” or something similar.

The dominant fan reaction in these sick game situations is to hail the player for being such a warrior. Or, if the player is a hated opponent, doubt about whether they’re actually ill. I mainly just feel bad for these dudes. I don’t know if “play basketball” is at the top of my list of activities to avoid when I have a stomach flu, but it’s definitely on that list. Feel better, Manimal!


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3 things:

1. You can make 3 3’s in a row, but can’t make 3 free throws in a row?

2. Bynum must be pissed

3. Looks like it might be a higher percentage bucket than his rolling baby hook.

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No wonder it looks so fresh!